Graystorm StockWatch


This README.md is not only for the repo, but is converted to HTML and used on the website itself : https://stockwatch.graystorm.com/about

The App

My first attempt at a Go web app… and I had to go crazy… :shrug:


  • Go
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Open-Id Connect/OAuth2
  • AWS
    • EC2
    • RDS
    • Secrets
    • DynamoDB
    • SQS

Latest Changes (commits)

2021-03-28T16:01:10Z by weirdtangent SHA: 9e419c8ef95eee7c0fcad9daa8d2bff43f599c4c
Fix byline for external articles
2021-03-28T15:42:18Z by weirdtangent SHA: 0beafbcc0be37f537a0c4ebe1c3f92635f562e65
internal articles are much fancier, fancy template handling for article modals
2021-03-26T02:31:01Z by weirdtangent SHA: d10acc73035767d0d54b3d9fdcc1dfa619d08960
Experiment adding news both external and internal
2021-03-25T04:09:27Z by weirdtangent SHA: 6fec4608813c0c0853409907b2c7bdc443ce602c
Lots of template formatting changes, trying to layout desktop better
2021-03-24T19:31:58Z by weirdtangent SHA: e5501b5440d46080be57baeb8cdc76ba38c1b661
add Bloomberg API; first news on desktop
2021-03-24T14:35:53Z by weirdtangent SHA: 6da7d4ba93574c2546d8b16c3c0abd9944812014
Fix color on up/down change quote
2021-03-24T14:12:11Z by weirdtangent SHA: a6a55f4c13a36384d10ab532321f9d4a0b85e79f
More market closed->open template fixes
2021-03-24T11:06:07Z by weirdtangent SHA: 46b998446ad5e3a6025579634512b531e1f573f8
misc template/jss/css improvements
2021-03-24T11:05:24Z by weirdtangent SHA: 554820612ccf9fdebdf5d1b57021a834f0d67c0f
Add redis cache for ticker quotes (so far)
2021-03-24T11:04:01Z by weirdtangent SHA: 4a142767222290b61fc1577710688de91104910a
Check for auth before processing api call
2021-03-24T11:03:26Z by weirdtangent SHA: 8ad360856a27451b59862e2596419a9dcf5c865b
Add simple /profile page
2021-03-23T15:48:57Z by weirdtangent SHA: 43ca12b8ebc509bdcc00d226e25cd489afdc28cd
add SHA and links to commits on about page
2021-03-23T15:44:10Z by weirdtangent SHA: 2f62ef2578b239057999aa565d72493d444332d0
about template cleanup
2021-03-23T15:42:20Z by weirdtangent SHA: c1aca20d4170291f796b8423766d09233204d361
update README
2021-03-23T15:41:59Z by weirdtangent SHA: d7476bd0ef9ad05374355e86d416f0ae41ed87ef
update README
2021-03-23T15:41:31Z by weirdtangent SHA: 63b0153de55c65e193133a537274f475135c448a
update README
2021-03-23T15:40:58Z by weirdtangent SHA: 73f9bdfeefc1d57b7eb67b9e4cbaa95142c5ba1f
Add open-id connect for github; add repo-referencing about page
2021-03-21T23:12:24Z by weirdtangent SHA: e52c631a8f18dc3fcd41ce3ca7dcb0b6ac4fe3fe
fix sign-in buttons
2021-03-21T22:49:44Z by weirdtangent SHA: 643e0d61eb74c1ce6af825f17912fcb944732fb8
switch to goth for auth, added twitter
2021-03-21T16:16:36Z by weirdtangent SHA: 1567d8f7a6960b3ddd7d76cde070e0d7cc4f9206
start showing movers on desktop; template cleanup and fixes
2021-03-19T05:56:17Z by weirdtangent SHA: 4ed990b323ab0c37249e6e577b6d7762f58f5d6a
dropped down to Google SignIn, I don't need API access, just avoiding passwords
2021-03-18T17:52:35Z by weirdtangent SHA: d2d2f8b047159c82775375aaf8a08dc9ae2a7676
mostly Go cleanup
2021-03-18T17:05:29Z by weirdtangent SHA: 3964e3c121ea2e4a8e04a0a5e15bb766350b3711
dropping ALL oauth, lets start over, sigh...
2021-03-18T15:27:57Z by weirdtangent SHA: da12cbe3352b7c85e3a86c036f7c0e75f4b5ae80
change from Google one-tap to just normal oauth2; slight other changes
2021-03-18T08:49:29Z by weirdtangent SHA: 0c61e066dda94f3a1f62132047a78b50f55973d2
stop logging /metrics hits
2021-03-18T07:32:15Z by weirdtangent SHA: c68dea20e172eaae957bf57c9a6b6dce1ca5d1a9
add morningstar API, redo Exchange struct, add Grafana monitoring
2021-03-17T22:27:56Z by weirdtangent SHA: 1ef9adc062d17aa53631c174d5b348fe18161e7d
better JS params; better EOD changeover; template work
2021-03-17T20:06:47Z by weirdtangent SHA: 565a1b8fe656d4b6ff1c3c308ed54dc959cc0de0
add splits info, template updates, auto-refresh tweaking
2021-03-17T18:51:48Z by weirdtangent SHA: d960fd0501f4726273e15772563abd7ccb105584
take auto-refresh back to 30 iterations
2021-03-17T17:18:21Z by weirdtangent SHA: 43269d7ebaddd61bea45cbddc17f489410fb5229
fix lots of when-market-is-live things; add attributes to display; stop hitting API SO much